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Your child deserves the absolute best care when it comes to their healthcare and therapeutic needs. With our qualified Paediatric Occupational Therapists and Brisbane-wide coverage, we’re able to provide a client-centric therapy program that supports overall development and well-being of your child with total care and compassionate support.

Mobile service
Kids specialists
Tailored plans
Empowering you

Convenience and Personalised Care For Your Child’s Therapeutic Needs

Is your child in need of tailored allied health to help support their well-being and overall independence? At Talk Health Therapy, our mobile Paediatric Occupational Therapists bring personalised care straight to your doorstep, catering to children of all ages and stages of development.

We foster collaboration with families, primary caregivers, and key stakeholders to ensure our therapy plans align with the best result for your child’s well-being, addressing specific personal, occupational, emotional, and environmental factors.

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What Do Our Paediatric Occupational Therapists Specialise In?

Fine Motor Skills

We know how important targeted interventions are in enhancing the dexterity of your child’s fine motor skills. We provide targetted intervention including, improving hand-eye coordination, fine motor precision and accuracy, increasing strength for tasks such as self-care and handwriting to support your child’s overall independence in the tasks they need to do everyday.

Daily Living and Self-Care Skills

Our paediatric Occupational Therapyservices aim to empower you and your child to master such self-care and daily living activities as dressing, feeding, toileting, and hygiene, enhancing their confidence, and autonomy in managing their everyday routines.

Visual Perception Skills

Visual perception plays a crucial role in your child’s ability to interpret and make sense of the world around them. We address deficits in visual processing, visual-motor integration, spatial awareness, and visual discrimination.

Cognitive Skills

Our therapists employ a range of mental processes to support your child’s cognitive development, fostering cognitive flexibility, executive functioning, and academic readiness for optimal learning and participation in daily activities.

Sensory Processing Skills

Many children experience challenges with sensory processing, affecting their ability to respond to sensory stimuli effectively in the world around them. Our Paediatric Occupational Therapy services help your child achieve optimal sensory regulation and participation in daily routines.

What You Can Expect From Our Occupational Therapy Services

Detailed Assessment

We conduct an initial assessment to understand the specific needs and challenges of your child’s support needs, which includes their general abilities, their physical strengths and weaknesses, and target areas that need specialised attention.

We Create a Plan

Following the assessment, we collaborate with you to develop a personalised intervention plan designed to address your child’s areas of concern effectively, outlining clear goals and strategies to support your child’s progress and development.

We Go From There

Once the plan is in place, we’ll work together with you and provide ongoing support to ensure your child receives the best care and achieves meaningful outcomes. We’ll regularly review the progress of your child and adjust the plan as needed.


Do I Need a Referral?

If you are a self-managed, a plan-managed participant, or a plan nominee who does not have a support coordinator, you can self-refer using our NDIS referral form. 

If you are an NDIS support coordinator, please use our NDIS referral form to send us a referral.  Alternatively, you can contact our reception team at (07) 2111 6983, or

Do I Need an NDIS Plan?

Talk Health Therapy is an NDIS-registered provider and mostly works with participants with NDIS plans. We can also work with private clients depending on their location; be sure to talk to our team to discuss your options and the possibility of travel costs.

What Can I Expect at My First Appointment?

One of our team will reach out to you shortly after you have submitted your referral form and discuss your referral details. A home risk assessment form and tool will then be used, and then an initial appointment will be organised.

From there, you’ll meet with one of our qualified and experienced paediatric specialists, who will gather your child’s medical history, perform a physical exam, and discuss any health concerns or questions you may have. They’ll craft a detailed program for your child’s well-being which they will further discuss with you in your role as their parent or carer.

Do You Have an In-Clinic Service?

No, our Occupational Therapists only travel across the greater Brisbane region to conduct therapeutic services within the comfort of your own home. We only charge for one-way travel, so you’re afforded the easiest option for your child’s needs.

Are You an NDIS-Registered Provider?

Yes, we are! For NDIA-managed participants, simply submit a referral via our NDIS referral form.

Do You Go Out to Gyms, Hydrotherapy Pools, or Daycare Centres?

Yes, we will arrange to go to different venues as needed. However, as many venues often charge a fee, we will discuss this option with you prior to your consultation. 

Please note as well that our first consultation is always conducted at your home, and then ongoing therapeutic intervention will be provided as discussed.

Have a question that you didn’t get answered? Give us a call and we’ll help you however we can.

We service the wider SEQ area

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Our promises to you

Mobile service

We are a 100% mobile allied health service that comes to you!

Kids specialists

We have specially trained physios who have lots of experience with kids!

Tailored plans

Our therapy and ongoing sessions focus on reaching the key milestones and goals.

Empowering you

We give you a plan to help your child’s development and track their progress compared to their peers.

Are you a support coordinator looking to refer a service?

Use our referral form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.