Cancellation Policy

Where this Policy Refers to: 

  • You or Your, this means you as the NDIS Participant
  • We, Our or Us, this means Talk Health Therapy as Your Service Provider 
  • Party or Parties, this means both You and Us 

Our cancellation can be viewed in your services agreement under the “Cancellation Policy” section: 

“If You need to cancel a scheduled service, You must provide Us with 24 hours (1 full business day) notice prior to the commencement time of the scheduled service. You can provide notice verbally by phone or in writing via email or text message.

If You cancel a scheduled service after this time, it is Our right to charge the short notice cancellation fee. Our short notice cancellation fee is 100% of the scheduled service.

Our service can only charge cancellation when alternative work cannot be secured to replace Your scheduled service. Where Our cancellation fee is charged to You, You have the right to request We perform relevant and reasonable non-face-to-face tasks instead (if they are available).”

In some situations, alternative arrangements can be made by the provider to perform reasonable non-face-to-face tasks instead. This may include phone calls between the participant, the family and the treating practitioner. 

Cancellations Over 24 Hours

Please note that cancellations over 24 hours’ notice do not apply to the late cancellation notice.

Weekend Cancellations 

One full business day also references that any cancellation made on the weekend (from 5 PM Friday to Monday 8 AM) will also be viewed as a short cancellation due to the nature of standard working hours. 

Practitioner Cancellations 

If a cancellation has been made by the practitioner, then no fee will be charged.