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In-Home Brisbane Speech Pathologists

If you’re struggling with a speech sound disorder or impairment in your communication and language abilities, our mobile team brings qualified Speech Pathology therapy directly to your doorstep, offering personally customised programs to help you speak, communicate, and live more confidently.

We Help Build Confidence With Your Speech and Language Difficulties

Speech disorders can create a significant difficulty in how people are able to communicate and relate to the world around them. To ensure you have the support you need to communicate effectively or to feel comfortable with your verbal skills, our mobile Speech Pathologists specialise in providing tailored, in-home therapy programs that prioritise comfort and effectiveness for adult learners.

How Do We Help With Your Speech?

Our qualified NDIS Speech Pathologists create a comfortable and supportive environment that helps build speech confidence and control. Utilising custom-designed strategies, we target specific speech and language goals to help you improve your daily communication abilities.

Our team is equipped to address a range of common speech and language challenges, including:

  • Articulation and pronunciation refinement
  • Voice modulation and resonance
  • Fluency and stuttering management
  • Swallowing disorders (dysphagia)
  • Accent modification
  • Communication strategies for social and professional settings
  • Assessing and prescription of high and low technology
  • Augmentative and alternative communication

What You Can Expect From Our Speech Pathology Services

Detailed Assessment

We conduct an initial assessment to understand the specific needs and challenges of your communication skills, which includes your general abilities, strengths and weaknesses, and target areas that need specialised attention.

We Create a Plan

Following the assessment, we collaborate with you to develop a customised intervention plan that is designed to address your areas of concern effectively, outlining clear goals and strategies to support your progress and development.

We Go From There

Once the plan is in place, our Speech Pathologists will work together with you and to provide ongoing support to ensure you receive the best care and achieve meaningful outcomes. We'll regularly review their progress and adjust the therapy plan as needed.



If you are a self-managed, a plan-managed participant, or a plan nominee who does not have a support coordinator, you can self-refer using our NDIS referral form.

If you are an NDIS support coordinator, please use our NDIS referral form to send us a referral. Alternatively, you can contact our reception team at (07) 2111 6983, or .


Talk Health Therapy is an NDIS-registered provider and mostly works with participants with NDIS plans. We can also work with private clients depending on their location; be sure to talk to our team to discuss your options and the possibility of travel costs.


One of our team will contact you shortly after you submit your referral form to discuss your referral details. Then, a home risk assessment form will be completed and an initial appointment will be arranged.

From there, you’ll meet with one of our qualified and experienced paediatric specialists, who will gather your medical history, perform a physical exam, and discuss any health concerns or questions you may have. We will then craft a detailed program for your well-being which we’ll discuss further with you.


No, our Speech Pathology specialists only travel across the greater Brisbane region to conduct therapeutic services within the comfort of your own home. We only charge for one-way travel, so you’re afforded the easiest option for your needs.


Yes, we are! For NDIA-managed participants, simply submit a referral via our NDIS referral form.


Yes, we will arrange to go to different venues as needed. However, as many venues often charge a fee, we will discuss this option with you prior to your consultation.

Please note as well that our first consultation is always conducted at your home, and then ongoing therapeutic intervention will be provided as discussed.

We Cover the Wider South East Queensland Area

Our qualified Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists work across the whole of the greater Brisbane region to provide in-home service, no matter where you’re located.

Our service makes sure that people anywhere in the region can count on dependable allied health and therapeutic solutions directly to their home, where they are most comfortable.

We Help You Toward a Happier, More Capable You With Our Tailored Speech Pathology Support

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