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Occupational Therapy

Talk Health Therapy provides family-centred Paediatric Occupational therapy services that support children and families in developing the skills necessary for activities of daily living, fostering independence, promoting self-development, and increasing their quality of life.

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Occupational Therapy

Our skilled therapists support you in increasing physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges that affect overall daily functioning. Whether you're regaining independence in activities of daily living or managing chronic conditions, injuries, or disabilities, our tailored solutions empower you to live healthily and comfortably.

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We Provide In-Home Support Across Brisbane

Our mobile Occupational Therapists travel across the whole of the greater Brisbane region to provide in-home services, no matter where you’re located.

Our specialised, inclusive service range makes sure that people anywhere in the region can count on dependable physical therapeutic solutions directly to their home, where they are most comfortable.

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