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Travel Fee Policy

Last Updated: 14/05/2024

Where this Policy Refers to:

  • You or Your, this means you as the NDIS Participant
  • We, Our or Us, this means Talk Health Therapy as Your Service Provider
  • Party or Parties, this means both You and Us


The NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits outline the costs providers can charge into two sections: Labour Costs (Time) and Non-Labour Costs). For provider travel, they are also permitted to claim for provider travel travelling from their last participant to their usual place of work. Non-labour costs for the vehicle owned by the provider or the worker are up to $0.97 a kilometre.


To ensure you get maximum benefit from your therapy budget, we will never overcharge on your travel costs and have two main travel policies:

  • We only charge travel one-way
  • We zone as many participants as possible to limit travel time and distance.


By doing so, we can limit the funding used to pay for provider travel and maximise your budget. Full transparency is vital for us, so we have outlined the costs incurred for each provider service below.


Item Code: These are the codes outlined in the NDIS Price Guide that providers must use for each specific support.


Provider Travel: Provider travel is billed as a percentage of the travel time to or from a participant.

  • In the example above, travel time of 20 minutes = ~33% of $193.99. The total cost for travel time is $64.02.


Non-Labour Costs: Non-labour costs are incurred by the travelling practitioner when attending an appointment billed at $0.97 per KM.

  • In the example above, a 15 km travel distance was recorded. This is calculated at $14.55


The total cost of this invoice is broken down as follows:

  • One-hour consultation billed at $193.99.
  • 25 minutes of travel time billed at $64.02.
  • 20KM of travel billed at $14.55


The total cost of the service provided is $272.56